2 responses to “Google Adds IMAP Support To GMail … the wrong way around!”

  1. mako says:

    Both are usable features. I’d prefer the one they added support for.

    You may not like exiting tools but being able to use OfflineIMAP to keep an offline copy of my mail and work offline is useful — I probably do as much mail work offline as on. There’s also mobile devices.

  2. kellan says:

    I just don’t need help from Google running a decent IMAP server, I can do that on my own, or use a number of better services out there (with less worrying privacy implications).

    What I currently can’t do is replicate the experience of GMail the interface, which is the only interesting innovation in mail UI in years. The innovation has unfortunately stalled but still better for my usage patterns then anything else around.

    I’d rather see work done on a custom protocol around offline communication if we’re going to prioritize that, IMAP seems a very poor fit from a protocol design standpoint.