Going to Sayulita, got tips?

January 15th, 2008

Got ambushed by the calendar again. At some point “way far away in the future” became “like tomorrow”.

Which is how I find myself caught a bit by surprise by the fact that I’m getting on a plane this weekend with Jazz to go meet some friends in Sayulita, MX having done nothing remotely resembling research or planning.

This will be my first real visit to Mexico, so any tips you have for me on Mexico, or Sayulita would be great!

update: everybody is telling me to take lots of books to Sayulita, and my brain is going blank this week. Suggestions on books to take to the beach?

3 responses to “Going to Sayulita, got tips?”

  1. Ian says:

    Hey there…

    I think you can find everything you need to know about Sayulita Mexico at http://www.sayulitalife.com

    If not, then just let me know.


  2. t o n x says:

    beach books… The new Michael Pollan book… maybe The Victorian Internet by Tom Standage… The Erik Davis 33 1/3rd book of Led Zep IV?

  3. I recently finished Michael Lewis’s, The Blind Side, and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know. It is ostensibly a book about professional football, but the sports stuff is a mere foil for the main points of the book — classism, the relationship between systems and individuals, and the nature of intelligence. It also happens to be a really good, touching story about a remarkable inner city kid and the family that adopts him.