4 responses to “Winer: Twitter should have to go in front of a committee and testify as to “what’s going on.””

  1. Heya Kellan, I think you’re missing the point on this one. Twitter is a service that people both love and depend upon. Time and again the great folks over there have said “we know it’s an issue and we’re working on it.” And it appears that some people are concerned that it doesn’t seem to be getting better.

    Twitter can hope that everyone’s love and dependency will carry them through whatever additional period of instability remains. Or, they could chat with a couple of people outside the company, get them to buy into what’s going on and have them communicate that buy in. I know that the whole tipping point thing is currently under challenge (so sayest Techmeme) but I’m still a big believer in influencer marketing.

    So whether Dave’s comment belies a breathtaking sense of entitlement, the base idea of “get a few independent and trusted people in the loop and have them communicate their own trust” is worth considering.

  2. kellan says:

    Eric I know it looks rational, but its back seat quarterbacking. Running a service/company is always a lot more complicated then it seems from the outside and answers are never as easy to give as they seem like they ought to be.

    Also, I for example know exactly why Twitter was down and what they’re doing to fix it, and I trust them :)

    And so does Nelson Minar

  3. Dave Winer says:

    I didn’t say anything about a committee or testifying. Nor did I say I should be part of it. I just want better information. What’s wrong with that?

  4. ishak says:

    hmmm, maybe it was just a mash of the clemens testimony and twitter’s public denial that all will be better.