2007 Was Not the Year of the Addressbook

February 28th, 2008

from __future__ import the_cloud

the_cloud.me.addressbook.known_twitterers.each |identity|
      if the_cloud.geolocator(the_cloud.dopplr, the_cloud.fireeagle).nearby?(identity)

Last year I wrote a SxSW Twitter killbot, but what I really wanted was the above. I almost wrote it, but there were one of two annoying problems, and I figured someone else would write it for me.

Its one year later, I’m starting to realize that I’m about to go into conference mode again, which on top of a sleep deprived delirium, and a certain disconnect form external data sources, also is the only time when I have Twits come to my phone. And I still can’t do the above! What have you people been working on all year! Don’t make me come back there and start a start up.

Other questions I’ve asked my addressbook lately, and failed to get a response:

Please partition my social graph into a Dijkstra Nikon/Canon split.

Does Bob like cilantro? And is Alice lactose intolerant?

Do any friends.known_vegetarians.have_yelp_reviews(Austin)?

Lots of others, all unanswered.

2 responses to “2007 Was Not the Year of the Addressbook”

  1. d says:

    I ‘specially would like the last one. Not necessarily for Austin, but yes.

    Maybe I should work on this.

  2. Sorry, we’re doomed. It’s vegetable tacos and cheese pizza slices for us all week.