Fred’s wrong (or quoted out of context)

July 22nd, 2010

[Twitter breaks] because “it wasn’t built right — Twitter was built kind of as a hack and they didn’t really architect it to scale and they’ve never been able to catch up.” – Fred Wilson

This is wrong.

Twitter wasn’t built as a hack, it was just built. The way you or I might build something new, in a couple of weeks, with some databases, and a couple of cron jobs, and a daemon or three. If they had built it [portentous voice]TO BE TWITTER[/portentous voice] they would have failed.

Scaling is always a catch up game. Only way its ever worked. If you never catch up then something isn’t working, but it isn’t original sin.

4 responses to “Fred’s wrong (or quoted out of context)”

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  2. josh says:

    Nope, I think that was about what he said at geoloco

  3. HI Kellen, i just arrived here from seeing your link on twttrs Top Tweets page. Anyway, I love your comment here about scaling twttr. Very cogent it is. Be well, Steve D.

  4. Bob Gezelter says:


    With all due respect, I do not agree with you, at least insofar as the infrastructure is concerned. The subject deserves a more thought out comment than a quick comment paragraph.

    • Bob

    BTW: It was nice meeting you at the North Brooklyn Breakfast Club; however, I do need your email address to correspond privately.