“Sorry! We did something wrong.” – Twitter, on suspending my account.

June 2nd, 2011

Yes, you did. But I’ll mostly forgive it when you un-suspend my account.

For the record, I was attempting to re-follow Albert Wenger (that subscription seemingly having been lost somewhere along the way) when they suspend my account. Apparently that was suspicious.

Wondering if I’ve got the lowest account number to be suspended or is this a common thing?

Note to self: we need to get back to working on decentralized communication technologies.

update: I’m back! Dunstan also got suspend, which makes it seem likely it was a bug affecting low numbered accounts.

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3 responses to ““Sorry! We did something wrong.” – Twitter, on suspending my account.”

  1. I find Twitter interesting but, years later, I still don’t understand the mass appeal.

    Agreed: let’s go back to decentralized communication. Or Twitter and Facebook need to stop locking down their APIs so much.

    It’s our data. Let us have it.

  2. Julien says:

    Bleh! Let’s talk about decentralized communication technologies soon :)

  3. […] topic has been on my mind lately, as Twitter recently banned my account by accident, along with a number of other very early accounts, but never acknowledged it. And at Etsy last week we had an adaptive process go rogue and ban a […]