Room for disruption

April 2nd, 2012

This February, Amazon again asserted its influence when it pulled nearly 5,000 titles by distributor Independent Publishers Group from its Kindle e-book store. Amazon wanted better terms, and IPG said “no.” trying to wring deep discounts from publishers

A thought, as Amazon’s and the publisers’ relationship gets more bruising seems like there is room to be the company listing all the books in print, and where they’re available for purchase. Could be classically disruptive business (in that it will always be tiny, but with the chance to implode something larger).

Aggregating information from a diverse set of sources all over the world is the sort of thing which even 10 years ago was hard, and is now straightforward as long as you have the right motivational loops in place.

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One response to “Room for disruption”

  1. Nelson says:

    If I understand this article correctly, the dispute is solely over Amazon’s listing of Kindle versions. A quick check of a random IPG book (isbn:9780935526523) shows Amazon still lists it in print, just not on Kindle. In general I think Amazon still aims to list all published books even if they don’t sell them themselves.

    But Amazon is heavily conflicted, there’s definitely room for independents. One independent book site I’ve followed for years is It’s a very simple microsite by journalist Glenn Fleishman and does a nice job aggregating book listings from various places. I don’t know how much traffic he gets, but I bet it’s a tidy little income from referrals.

    There are a lot of sites that