Trying to use:

pear install Some_Package 

but getting

No release with state equal to: 'stable' found for Some_Package?

Some people will tell you to try:

pear install -f Some_Package 

(i.e. force install) A better solution is:

pear remote-info Some_Package

You’ll see near the top the latest version, e.g. Lastest: 0.8RC3.

Then you can do:

pear install Some_Package-0.8RC3

Sometimes you’ll already have a package installed (e.g. "Package 'Foo_Package' is already installed"), but need to upgrade to a unstable version.

pear remote-info Foo_Package

Package details:
Latest      1.0.2
Installed   1.0.1

pear install -f Foo_Package-1.0.2