Well I have good news and I have bad news.

The good news is I’m moving back to Boston. The bad news is I’m leaving Seattle. Seattle is a great city, and I’ve loved living here for the last 16 months. In some ways I don’t see myself as moving away as much as wrapping up an initial scouting foray. I really thought this move was going to stick, but maybe next time.

I’m going to continue working for Groundspring, which is great and should give me plenty of opportunities to be back on the West Coast for extended periods of time. (and in the fact that is plan, to come back on a regular basis and work face to face in order to overcome some of the challenges of being remote) So I’m planning to go on hanging out with all you folks out here.

In Boston

Jasmine and I are looking for an apartment in Jamaica Plain, preferably pond side (walking distance to Junebug would be nice), if you have any leads, please, pass them along! Once we’ve got an apartment I’m going to be looking for an office, ideally a desk in a shared office with people doing interesting work. In an office with other people doing non-profit/activist tech work would be ideal. Again any leads would be great.

Once I’m back in Boston I’d love to get together with folks for coffee, catch up, meet new people, but unless I’m roping you into helping us move, it will probably be post holidays.

In Seattle

As I contemplate moving across the country it strikes me that my possession have once again expanded to the point they no longer fit in a backpack, alas. I’d like to be packed by Dec. 7th, so over the next few weeks I’ll be giving away, loaning, or selling (cheap) what I’ve got. See my post to follow soon, “Redistributing the Wealth”, for notes on what I’ll be doing with my furniture, books, and other ephemera. (whom I kidding books and and a couple of pieces of furniture is pretty much all I got)

In short I’m looking to sell my future, and foster out at least one shelf of books.