I’m here, I’ve landed, saw my first snow flakes come wavering out of a blue sky this morning while waiting on the queue at Centre St. cafe.


We’ve looked a half a dozen apartments, I’m getting good at interpreting Jasmine’s “no way, get me the hell outta here” look. We’ve got our fingers crossed on gorgeous little apartment a couple of blocks up the wrong direction on Day St. from Hyde Sq. Young couple, moving to S. Africa for a year, looking to sublet. Neighborhood could be a bit grim at night, but you should see the granite counter tops! Unfortunately we’re second in line. A bit more conventionally, and a bit more expensive, we’re debating a nice place we saw in one of the faux brownstones on Lakeville.

Still if you’ve got any tips for nice apartments for 2, pondside in JP, let us know.


Next I’m going to go looking for some sort of indoor sports league because it sure ain’t cycling weather (well today it would have been brisk, but soon…). I’m intrigued by Dan’s mention of a North Shore dodgeball league, but its a bit far for me. Anyone know of something? I’m also thinking of reviving my “Programming 101 with PHP” tutorial I did for Ruckus Tech Camp, and turning it into a class at the JP Free Skool if anyone would be interested. Maybe in exchange for someone offering some Photoshop classes? I don’t know, its a thought.

Mostly I’m just hunkering down, and surviving a hard core case of jet lag, which seems to more existential then physical and planning what comes next.