I’ve moved so many times you think there would be no new ideas left to think regarding packing.

  1. Turns out that there is a significant difference in packing up and moving someone’s house then in striking the latest room where I’ve been camping out and keeping my books out of the rain, even a minimalist like Jasmine.
  2. If you’re moving in Boston, I’d recommend the Gentle Giant movers, it added up fairly fast, but they made amazingly short work of moving the house down 2 flights of narrow steps at one end, and up the 3 flights of even narrower steps at the other end. (and I l ike the giant purple trucks)
  3. I wonder if Ikea intentionally designs its furniture to disintegrate when you attempt to disassemble it — easy to put together, impossible to pack and move — and thereby ensuring a steady stream of replacement buys.
  4. Your local alt. weekly can make a great supply of emergency late night packing material, try to pick the one with the large corporate owners. In fact the near endless supply of newspaper was so useful I wonder if the alt. weeklies plan for this in their end of month print runs.