Ted says RSS aggregators are the killer app, killer in the sense that they are

the app that does so much that it consumes all available CPU, memory, network, and disk.

He goes on to say

It’s a reflection of the way that my relationship to the web has changed. I hardly use a standalone browser anymore — mostly for searching or printing. I don’t have time to go

Funny, I’m following this trend to opposite end of the curve. I’ve been noticing lately that I spend less and less time using anything other then my standalone browser, Firefox. Once I’ve got a decent coding environment built in, pretty much the only external apps will become ssh and chat. Functionally Firefox is very close to becoming my operating system. (though in practice I still prefer running it on platforms other then Windows)

While the news has been full of the problems with network based and centralized services (see Preshrunk or Schneier), their nativeness suggests that perhaps some of the problems Ted is seeing are an impedance mismatch.

And a quick, semi-related tip, if you’re setting up several people on FoF, consider setting up a shared cache directory to get some economies of scale.