I’d like to put a stake in the ground (or perhaps in the heart) against of the coming future nostalgia. In the (near-ish?) future when we’re all getting online via mesh routing, and wimax, and ah-hoc networks, and we’re complaining about solar flares and routing shot all to hell, and whining about the incoming packet storm that is currently moving across the plain states, and will be slamming into New England late this afternoon, with over night ping lags climing into the double digit millis, and someone starts reminescing about the good old days, when we used to run actual physical wires to each house, and how much more reliable it was back then, you have my permission to smack them.

Comcast is down again this weekend, that is twice in two weeks. Except its not quite down, every now and then it will raise your hopes by allowing a brief spurt of packets through, before going sullenly dark. Living in a capitalist society and all, I’d love to jump ship for more promising shores, but alas I’m stuck with a government sponsored monopoly without even the benefit of government oversight.

DSL you say? I’d love to but Jasmine flat refuses to consider it, as it used to be her weekly todo item when we lived in SF to call the our ISP and tell them that, “Yes, yes the DSL is out again. Yes, we tried restarting. Yes, we made sure the ethernet was plugged in, yes and the phone line, yes I would mind being put on hold for another 20 minutes.”

(meanwhile I can see the 50+ new emails in my inbox but can’t quite read them, grrrr)