yak shaving

Enough frisbee, need to get a little work done this weekend. Need a good coffee shop with wifi and power on a Sunday.

Hmmm, really what I need to do is to finally get around to setting up a San Francisco WifiMug.

Which reminds me that I’m kind of unhappy with the current state of the WifiMug codebase (and it’s showing its age a bit, pre-Web 2.0!), guess I should research available Rails wiki software.

Though what I really should do is whip out that Wiki-meets-structured-data-creation-PlacesWiki I’ve been meaning to write.

But first I want to do a comprehensive survey of alternative wiki markups, the space has really fractured. Stikkit is doing good things with natural mark up, while Semantic MediaWiki steamrolls its way through the expressiveness sweet spot, and Google Code wiki has some interesting stuff going on.

But, um, um, um, I should write a new web browser and search engine to research wikis! Yeah, thats the ticket!