update 2008/4/14

And we’re back in the index. Weee!

update 2008/4/10

WordPress got hacked. Google was my early warning system. Within 12 hours of being hacked Laughingmeme had been largely delisted. There is more to say on this at some point soon. But for now I’m back, tracking WP trunk, with a cron job to reminding me to do updates. Thanks everyone for words of encouragement, nice to be missed.

Anyone know how to get re-instated/page rank back?

original post below

Odd. Noticed quite by accident tonight that this page is no longer the top hit for “kellan”. In fact it appears to have been totally removed from the index, appearing briefly at the bottom of the 2nd page results, but without the option of a cached view. Not sure whats happened, but its clearly something was done rather then a gradual degradation in authority, as the other pages whose authority for “kellan” inherit their authority from this page are showing up higher.

Confused, bit disappointed. Don’t really want to have to learn how to hack/SEO Google just to make it work properly. :-/

Additionally “laughingmeme” turns up the Swik page, while “kellan elliott-mccrea” is finding me on CPAN. Bah.