tl;dr photosnearme

I recently was added to a “People like John Resig” Twitter list. I am nothing like John Resig. In particular I suck at Javascript.

However, given the annoyance of properly constructing a Flickr geo feed URL (admittedly linked to from the bottom of every places page, but whose counting), I decided to make a script for it while waiting for the kettle this morning.

I broke out the jQuery (thanks John!) and some code from Weather Near Me, and now there is photosnearme for finding the feed of photos for the neighborhood you’re in. YMMV.

ps. I keep forgetting and having to remind myself, Chrome’s ridiculous over aggressive caching makes it totally unsuitable for development purposes. That was probably the hardest part of the script.

pps. I don’t care that RSS is dead, I still like it.

see also: other waiting for the kettle scripts