does so many things right. And by right, I mean the way I believe web apps should be built. Which is to say, distinct from the built in order to drive rapid growth, viral addictive lab rat behaviors by hijacking traffic into a pachinko machine of false attention style.

In particular, the fact that favoriting an item on propagates that favorite back to the native medium seamlessly is a classy move from an earlier age. I thought we’d perhaps seem the last of small pieces, loosely joined into well designed, simple experiences.

Also the best of page has a lot of what I wanted for (though be great to be able to dial up/down how strong of a “best of” signal you’re interested in, ala Hot Links)

Only problem, still hasn’t solved the asymmetric updates problem. One person can still go on a favoriting spree of weird design elements and totally obliterate your feed.

Nice work!