Just a quick follow up. Got a ton of good feedback on last weekends “Slow News” post, in the comments on that post, and over at G+.

Some of my favorite comments where from Mike Migurski. Apparently his Google Plus account has been deleted. To say this tarnishes G+ for me is putting it mildly.

But to summarize the feedback which hasn’t been expunged, folks recommended:

  • the New Yorker
  • the Economist
  • the Christian Science Monitor

as organizations who preform some of the slow news function.

We get the Economist, but I find it more useful for it’s brief overviews then it’s in-depth articles. (I generally find their bias is directly proportional to the length of the articles), and for some reason I’ve never been engaged by the New Yorker, I’m tempted to try it again but their digital pricing is a turn off.

Additionally I found Jerome’s point that a crowd funded news organization is particularly susceptible to being captured by lobbyist and special interests interesting. I’m not convinced that this is different then the situation we currently have with our media, but it does point to a membership organization as a model rather then a pure Kickstarter model.