I’m excited about anything that makes reading more social. I’m also excited about anything that makes the data I collect on my Kindle more accessible. (it’s a surprisingly locked down platform)

And kindle.amazon.com is a nice step forward. But it’s clear that Amazon does not build social software for a living because there are a handful of things they’re doing shockingly wrong, and the one that’s bugging me this morning is:

You never ever ever broadcast deletes, or privacy changes that move from more public to more private. You never send people an email “By the way Kellan stopped following you, because you suck” and you never broadcast in an activity stream, “Kellan’s tweet, ‘I’m so drunk I’m skipping work tomorrow’, has been deleted.”

This second example is what the Kindle site is doing when they broadcast that you’ve stopped sharing notes from a book or deleted it from your book list. That’s so broken it’s almost breath taking.

update: see also, for something else not quite right. People are hard, let’s go shopping.