I’m going to be at Kick, Saturday morning, 9:30am

I’m going to be at Frank, at 10am sharp Sunday morning as they don’t take brunch reservations

I’ll be at Made in NY, at the Cedar Room Sunday night, because Etsy’s presence at SxSW this year is low-key/unofficial like.

I’ll be at “New Aesthetic” 9:30 Monday morning, because “Maps, Books, and Spimes” was one of my all time favorite SxSW talks, and this looks like it will be at least as much fun. And I want to see a drone.

I’ll be at World Changing 2.0 at 12:30 on Tuesday because Cameron Sinclair’s “Open Architecture Challenge: Revisioning Decommisioned Military Facilities” was fucking awesome, and I’m looking forward to more.

I’ll be at Bruce Sterling 5pm Tuesday, because I once taught a class on global politics using the text of “Islands in the Net”, and it’s Bruce Sterling!

I’ll be selling gold on black “Just Ship” shirts, with any luck using a prototype Etsy mobile payment system. So if you’ve wanted a “Just Ship” shirt, this is your opportunity.

I might make a pilgrimage to Opal Divine’s as the thing I missed most bitterly at SxSW last year was the indie “Data Drinks”, and I strongly encourage people to organize and publicize “[important technical topic here] Drinks”, rather then trying to communicate then on a panel. (e.g. y’all “Decentralized Web” and “SSO” folks ought to plan something, somewhere in the afternoon with “Mexican Martinis”)

I’m hoping to have some success booking small to medium sized group meals, mixed results so far.

Beyond that I’ll be around hoping to meet great people.

What are your plans?