Daniel Abraham’s fantasy trilogy “The Dagger and the Coin”: [The Dragon’s Path][1], [The King’s Blood][2], and forthcoming “The Poisoned Sword” are the most satisfying fantasy I’ve read in recent memory.

It’s familiar and unexpected, engaging and unchallenging, swords and sorcery and fallen empires, and deep history, but done well. Economics, and race dynamics, and religion, and archaeology all play roles. Solid multi viewpoint story telling add some novelty to the heroes journeys.

Also a quite reasonable 12-14 months between new books, the 2nd book lived up the promise of the first, and they’re available on Kindle. Really everything you could ask for if you’re looking for a good fantasy novel. Recommended.

I also tried reading some of this “Poet Books” (officially called the “Long Price Quartet”). They dragged considerably more, but a couple of interesting ideas in there.