I backed Postcards from Erik the Red’s House a while back. I like the small projects on Kickstarter, they make me happy, as does Iceland, as does someone writing their first novel.

Today my postcard arrived. It was a sunset in Vik. In particular it was of Reynisdrangar, 3 black basalt stacks just west of Vik. I’ve seen Reynisdrangar. In fact I woke up on a black sand beach, surrounded by sheep, looking out at Reynisdrangar.

We pulled into Vik late in the day. We’d been on the road for 5 or 6 days or so at this point in our circumnavigation of Iceland. We’d planned to drive on further, but as the road climbed up out of Vik we were exhausted. Also Jasmine had bought a funny hat at Vik wool. I’m not sure if that’s relevant to the story. We turned off on a side road at the top of the hill looking back over Vik, and drove until the road turned to sand, and we could see waves in the last of the day light. We pitched the tent by head lights, and went to sleep.

And woke up the next morning, unzipped the tent and found a flock of sheep, and Reynisdrangar.

Good place to camp

Here’s the postcard


Camping on that beach is one of my favorite memories. Nice to be reminded of it. This is the network, making the world demonstrably better. That is all.