Openness has always been my favorite trend.[1] At Etsy we talk about it as part of our “generosity of spirit” value. Just wanted to call out how much I’m loving seeing this trend on the blogs and engineering blogs across the industry.

Our What Hardware Powers, was in part inspired by 37Signals Behind the Scenes: The Hardware that Powers Basecamp, Campfire, and Highrise. I’d love to see more teams posting in this series.

And our recent post taking a non-technical approach talking about a series of recent outages, felt a little less lonely, and risky, knowing out there with Soundcloud’s Shoot yourself in the foot with iptables and kmod auto-loading, and Simple’s Transparency.

This is how we get better as an industry.

  1. Though sustainability is a close second. Sometimes they flip flop. But that wouldn’t have been relevant to this blog post.