We got married two weeks ago today. It was the wedding we always wanted. After 13 years you don’t expect it to change much about your daily lives. And it doesn’t change much, but there are subtle (awesome) changes. For one, I’m wearing a ring.

I’m just now adapted to where I’m no longer aware of the sensation of wearing the ring. I don’t feel it on my finger unless I focus on it. This is an odd reminder of how much of what we take for objective reality is the subjective pastiche of our brains survival oriented signal prioritization routines. Once or twice a day I flash panic that I’ve lost my ring when I realize I can’t feel it on my finger, milliseconds of active querying my finger for touch sensations followed by a quick glance.

I wonder when I’ll internalize the odds sufficiently to realize that even though I can’t feel it, the ring is there. I wonder what other things I’ve come to assume exist without any sensory confirmation. I all of a sudden realize how people lose their rings. There seems to be a metaphor in there for relationships that I’ll leave unexplored today.

Do other people’s wedding rings have magic powers? Am I suggestible to the idea that a ring should be magic because the literature is so full of magic rings, or is the literature so full of magic rings, because rings are inherently suggestive of being imbued with magic?

Mine stores memories. A small handful of scenes, glimpses really, mostly from our wedding day. Glimpses that come back to me in full immersion when I focus on my ring. Is that normal?

Is it normal that as I say these words to myself I’m wondering what the storage density of something the size and shape of a ring would be? You need to make sure to leave space for a Bluetooth antenna because putting a jack of some sort on a ring is going to be awkward and uncomfortable. How far out is the system that allows me to access memories stored in metal (high information density already) visually? (without the benefit of magic)



I could get used to this. But hopeful not too used to it.