My brother tweeted recently, “making sure I have a working implementation of Logo is part of setting up the nursery, right?”. I feel the same way about building the just the right photo sharing site and Twitter client. But I’m RESISTING. And I’m very proud of myself for it.

The Twitter client I want (and have wanted for years, but I want it more now) is at least fairly straightforward, and I’m hoping someone has either already built it or will get inspired. I think of it as “Slow Twitter”.

Twitter works great when you’re constantly checking it. Or when you don’t follow that many folks. But once you’re distracted you start missing stuff. In fact you only see the people who tweet constantly. And they’re often the most banal.

What I’m looking for is an app (and I include websites in that word, I’m old fashioned) that shows me who has tweeted since I lasted accessed it, with access to what they’ve tweeted, sorted in reverse order of the likelihood that they would have tweeted during the period of elapsed time aka probably sorted by ascending rolling average tweet frequency.