I wrote some notes a couple of days ago sharing how techies can think about helping out with the climate supporting the Inflation Reduction Act, but I left out a key capability that we have as an industry, because it didn’t fit the framework of IRA inspired thoughts. But it was bugging me that I cut it, so here it is:

Real change takes resources. Organizations that know that they are supported by their community, and will be supported in an ongoing fashion are able to undertake meaningful change. Organizations that have to go back to funders periodically are going to circumscribed in what they tackle. We’re very aware of this in tech with the dichotony between self funded and venture funded companies. Non-profits have a discourse around the “the revolution will not be funded”. Unions, many churches, many community organizers, and more instead prefer tithing. An ongoing commitment to donate a percentage of your income to provide them with an ongoing revenue stream not dependent on a few key funders.

In tech we are surrounded by people just like us who have made unimaginable wealth. We all have at least one and often many stories about the near miss, the one that got away. It messes with our ideas about our own wealth. We lose sight of the fact that many software engineers straight out of college are being paid at the US 90% percentile.

Tithing: another way you can contribute that you are uniquely qualified to do because you work in tech.