updated 10/12

As Ward Cunningham says, “The best way to ask a question is to share what you know, and have people tell you what you got wrong.”

Per Ishan Puranik, DataView queries are a much better solution. I was planning to hook something up clever with Watchman (as suggested by Channing) to re-run the shell script, but one thing I hadn’t figured out was how to keep my solution up to date when I made edits on mobile. DataViews solves all of that with a native solution. So now my tasks page is just:


Also, if you’re playing with Obsidian, join the Discord.


I decided to ditch Craft in part because it didn’t have a way to show me all my open todos. Obsidian doesn’t have a default solution (as far as I can tell) to show me all the open checklist items. But Obsidian is an open system and you can make your own solution.

The community has a bunch of offerings for seeing your Tasks, but so far all the plugins have felt heavier than I wanted (and didn’t match my aesthetics in ways I can’t quite articulate).

I sat down this afternoon to see if I could solve this problem for myself. I poked around the documentation (which is sparse), trying to figure out if things I saw the community talking about like “queries” were core features or community plugins.

I didn’t find what I was looking for. So with 5 minutes of the 1 hour of yak shaving I allotted myself here is my current solution:

cd $your_vault
grep '\[ \]' * | sed 's/.md:- \[ \] /SEP/' | awk -F'SEP' '{printf "[[%s]] %s\n", $1,$2}' > Tasks.md

This creates a new document named “Tasks” with each of your unchecked todos with a link to their parent document.