RFC 4791, or CalDAV to its friends

July 29th, 2008

CalDAV is now available from Google Calendar and Zimbra.

At times I’ve been CalDAV’s biggest fan. A calendaring protocol which finally stopped actively pretending the Web didn’t exist (I’m looking at you IETF CalSch WG)! But it does seem like its been a hard slog to implement. Keeping my fingers crossed for the future.

(pointed out to me that merely because I found out about Zimbra’s CalDAV support last week at OSCON, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been available since January, mea culpa)

One response to “RFC 4791, or CalDAV to its friends”

  1. I’ve found entries on configuring CalDAV with Zimbra for Apple/Mac iCal, and Thunderbird. Here’s the T-bird/Zimbra, ie:

    Syncing Zimbra calendars using Thunderbird & CalDAV

    When will the iPhone support CalDAV, do you think?