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  • August 16, 2008

    Spike in CalDAV job searches.

    I’m seeing an interesting spike in folks looking for resumes with CalDAV on them, 37 queries for “caldav inurl:resume” in the last week. (and I should probably take it off mine as the state of the art has progressed while I’ve been away)

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RFC 4791, or CalDAV to its friends

July 29th, 2008

CalDAV is now available from Google Calendar and Zimbra. At times I’ve been CalDAV’s biggest fan. A calendaring protocol which finally stopped actively pretending the Web didn’t exist (I’m looking at you IETF CalSch WG)! But it does seem like its been a hard slog to implement. Keeping my fingers crossed for the future. (pointed […]

Collaboration, an open source CalDav from Apple

August 8th, 2006

I missed it, I’d even seen the inimitable Wilfredo on the lists and it went right by me, but I ran into Nat last night at Buzz’s WWDC party, and he rather riveted my attention (as I think he knew he would), that iCalServer announced yesterday? Turns out its an open source CalDav server, written […]

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The Lost Skeleton of CalDAVra

April 18th, 2004

CalDAV: Calendar Server Extensions for WebDAV by Lisa Dusseault of OSAF/Chandler (not to mention WebDAV, XMPP [aka Jabber], IMAPext, and who knows what else!) is the most exciting new calendar standard in years. It always seemed strange to me that the Calsch working group chose not to build on top of what is clearly the […]

Calendars and the Web: Looking Hopeful

March 5th, 2005

Calendaring on the web is starting to show signs of reawakening from death like sleep. CalDAV seems to be fulfilling my early hopes for it; creating the first real movement on calendaring standards in years. CalDAV recently had a successful coming out at the CalCONNECT vendor event demoing implementations from Mozilla (Sunbird), Novell (Evolution), and […]

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