Forgive me, this is a purely self indulgent post written mostly for some future me.

Dan has a post on blogging like it’s 2004. I quickly skimmed back over the archives to see what blogging like 2004 would mean for me. Short answer, “A lot of link blogging!” or MLPs as I was calling them back then as a hat tip to Kuro5hin. For most of 2004 I was living in Seattle, working for the Tides foundation on Groundspring, and spending evens and weekend hacking with Riseup, and really developing my coffee addiction in that city’s legendary coffee shops.

Pulled a few of my favorite posts, mixed in a few that still get daily traffic after half a decade plus.

page 23, sentence 5: an autopsy – online epidemiography and books.

SF vs NYC – my first SF vs NYC post

Semi-Intelligent String Cropping with PHP – this post gets views everyday, sometimes up to a 100.

Cascading Prerequisites – I was complaining about CPAN preqs this weekend, apparently I’ve been doing that for 6 years.

WordPress RSS Aggregator – another perennial traffic sink.

Special Treatment – I no longer get flagged for security treatment every time I fly, but I still was in 2004.

Not Free Enough Anymore, Hosted Web Apps – on stopping using Moveable Type, and canceling my Typepad account. 6A held on for another 6 years, until last week

MySQL, and the CASE for Class Table Inheritance – perennially popular, I’ve considered putting up a note saying “Excess Cleverness Considereded Harmful” on the page.

Thats Why I Still Have a 415 # – I still have a 415, the same 415.

Notes on working remotely – insight from my friend Carl, who now works remotely in Singapore. I refer back to these regularly.

Money, Services, and the Changing Nature of Information Consumption – thinking about the tension of community funded services, something I still spend most of my time doing.

WordPress, Tagging, and a Critique of Hierarchy – tagging!

Now With Extra Top Spin – vote with rocks, 2004 was an election year, someone should still make this shirt, does MTV even still run Rock the Vote?

In Print – Magpie featured in one of the early Apress books.

TextMate 1.0 – and still no 2.0 yet.

apt-get install anarchism – we got shirts printed up for our Cascadia Anarchist Tech Skillshare. When I dropped in to Debconf this year, people were still wearing them, and printing new ones.

Moving (back) to Boston – Seattle => Boston